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From October 2022

Emilia launches in:

4 M
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Why legal protection from Emilia?


Everything important is insured

Emilia offers legal protection for all important areas of life, such as work, rent, car, accidents.

Emilia helps fast and reliably

At Emilia, no one has to wait for their right. Fast service that everyone can understand is a matter of course for us.

Fair prices for everyone

Legal protection does not have to be expensive. Emilia offers the best prices for any individual or company.

Emilia reinvents legal protection.

Focused on the essentials: The protection of all important rights in private and professional life.
All have equal rights. But to have rights and to get rights at the same time is often not possible. Conflicts can arise in all situations. They raise legal questions or even have to be settled in court. And very often they hit you where it hurts the most - close to your personal or professional existence.

Emilia provides access to legal experts in all areas that life brings. For example, at work, in your own or rented home, in personal relationships, with business partners and on the road. And if our experts are unable to help in time through their advice, Emilia will cover the costs in court and provide professional representation.
Previous legal protection insurers have focused on certain client groups - the lower the risk, the more money they made. Emilia is different.
  • We offer legal protection for everyone. At the best prices, focused on protecting the most important elements of private and professional life.
  • Emilia is currently under development and will start on 1st October 2022.
Emilia is consistently oriented towards her customers. We are already looking forward to feedback!
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The best prices for comprehensive legal protection

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For individuals or households

This is insured:

  • Emilia protects you in all legal disputes, worldwide
  • In addition, you will receive up to 10 hours of legal advice from Emilia.
  • Emilia covers up to CHF 600,000 for lawyers and jurists

Legal disputes:

  • Employment
  • Rent and housing
  • Contracts
  • Car and travel
  • Insurances

... and much more!

CHF 210 / Year


Also single parents with children
CHF 298 / Year


For all persons in the same household
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Everyone has a right to right!


Get to know the Emilia team!

Behind Emilia is a team of experienced legal protection experts who want to make a difference.


Why does Switzerland need a new legal protection insurance?

Previous legal protection providers have often only targeted high earners or established companies. But it can happen very quickly for anyone and you are already facing a legal dispute. How should I act? What rights do I actually have? How should I afford the cost of legal advice or representation in court? Emilia consistently addresses everyone. We offer insurance coverage for all major legal areas for private and corporate clients. Our products are easy for everyone to understand. We offer powerful and simple services - and at the best prices.

Emilia ensures that all receive their right to right

Björn Freter, co-founder and managing director of Emilia

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