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From October 2022

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Emilia reinvents legal protection.

Concentrated on the essentials: The protection of all important rights in private and professional life.
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Legal conflicts can arise at any time.

All Swiss have the same rights. But to have rights and to get rights at the same time is often not possible. Conflicts can arise in all situations. They raise legal questions or even have to be settled in court. And very often they hit you where it hurts the most - close to your personal or professional existence.

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With Emilia, everyone has the same rights.

Previous legal protection insurance companies focused on specific customer groups - the lower the risk, the more money they made. Emilia is different. We offer legal protection for everyone. At the best prices, focused on protecting the most important parts of life.

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Always well advised and professionally represented.

Emilia provides access to legal experts in all areas that life brings. For example, at work, in your own or rented home, in personal relationships, with business partners or in road traffic. And if our experts are ever unable to help in time through their advice, Emilia will cover the costs in court and provide professional representation.

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Every person counts, every opinion counts.

Emilia is currently under construction and will launch on 01 October 2022. Our founding team would like to share enthusiastically about our plans already now and is looking forward to feedback. We would like to design Emilia according to our customers' wishes from the very beginning.


Founder, Team & Partner.

Emilia is backed by a founding team with many years of legal protection experience and strong technology and marketing partners. Icon

Peter Dähler

Founder & Inspiration

Peter Dähler founded Dextra Rechtsschutz AG in 2012 and led it as CEO until 2018. Subsequently, he worked as Country Manager CH for sum.cum Sapiens GmbH, among others. He is an expert in the legal protection and insurance market and has access to a strong sales and partner network. Icon

Björn Freter

Founder & Managing Director

Björn Freter is an experienced founder and advisor to start-ups and scale-ups in the digital insurance sector with a focus on technology and e-commerce. Until 2021, he was the founder and managing director of sum.cumo Sapiens GmbH and successfully supported Dextra Rechtsschutz AG, among others, since its foundation in 2012.


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We are looking for support!

Emilia is currently under development and will be launched on 1st of October 2022.

For our team we are currently looking for legal and Insurance professionals. We are looking for people who have the passionate need to break completely new ground for Swiss legal protection. for Swiss legal protection. We would be very pleased to hear from you on your own initiative.

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Emilia is a companion for life. We protect all important rights.

Peter Dähler, co-founder and inspiration at Emilia


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